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RACESAFE Mobile Medical Unit

Australia's first motorsport mobile medical facility

In a major breakthrough for Australian motorsport safety, the RACESAFE Medical Team unveiled Australia's first motorsport mobile medical facility.

Already Australia's largest specialised motorsport safety service and the only organisation providing a full range of racetrack emergency services, RACESAFE has once again set a new benchmark in onsite medical facilities.

A former race transporter has undergone major renovations to become an international-standard racer care facility, which will travel around the country.

"This represents a significant step forward in our efforts to maximise rider safety," Simon Maas, RACESAFE's Director of Emergency Services, said.

"We have looked closely at what is being done in Europe and the U.S.A. and used it as the blueprint for constructing our new mobile medical facility, which is the equivalent to any motorsport medical program in the world.

"It will enable us to take a world-class level of resources and advanced life support equipment to every event we visit in Australia, and complements the many other developments in motorsport safety and treatment once again.

"We're extremely proud of the final result and grateful for the support and dedication of our sponsors, along with BOC Medical, Philips Healthcare, Ferno Australia and Shepparton Motor Body Builders for donating their time and resources to make this project possible."

The facility includes a rider/driver consultation and assessment area and command centre at the front of the truck, while the rear of the truck is an emergency resuscitation and stabilisation unit.

Another key benefit is a significant increase in room to treat riders, store and transport our vital emergency equipment.

The RACESAFE mobile medical unit will be present at a range of two and four wheel events around the country, including the entire Australian Superbike Championship, Australian Motocross Championship, Australian Supercross Championship and V8 Supercar rounds.

It will complement the RACESAFE Medical Team's existing resources and highly-specialised and experienced team of trauma doctors, paramedics, nurses, physiotherapists and rescue personnel who donate their time and expertise for motorsport safety.

"Over the course of a weekend, we can often treat around 100 riders in the sports medicine and emergency areas, ranging from the common cold right through to those involved in a serious accident," Maas says.

"While we'd love to deal only with sports medicine issues, having the extra equipment and resources on-hand in an emergency situation at every event is a major breakthrough in Australian motorsport."



The Mobile Medical Unit includes:
  • Philips Critical Care Monitors with ECG, SP02, NIBP
  • Philips MRX Heart Defibrillator
  • BOC Medical - Oxygen Systems
  • BOC Medical - Suction Unit
  • X-Ray Viewer
  • I.V. Systems
  • Intubation / Airway Management Unit
  • Sphygmomanometers
  • Otoscope
  • Opthalmoscope
  • Crescent Trauma Bed
  • Physiotherapy Table
  • Ultrasound Unit
  • Portable Interferential Unit
  • Ferno Scoop Stretcher
  • 32" LED Screens
  • Digital Hard Disc Recording System
  • Arm Pump Treatment Unit
  • CommGroup Two-way Radio Systems
  • Hydraulic Rear Tailgate